Website Design Myths

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There is so much talk about how easy it is to bring your business online quickly, especially for a local business. Let’s clear up these myths and discuss how you can start the web design process correctly and save yourself a lot of time and stress.

Myth: I can’t afford a website for my business.

If you do a broad search on Google for “How Much Does a Website Cost?” you’ll get a lot of different answers. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • Will I be taking credit cards on my website?
  • What is my estimated monthly traffic?
  • How many pages will the website have?

When you start searching on Google for the average price of a website, you’ll find a lot of different answers. You’ll see prices ranging from $500 to $20,000 (and higher). Why so expensive you ask? Well, because the needs of a company like Pepsi, who’s website cost way more than $20K, is much different than the needs of a local mom and pop shop in Canton, MA.

The goal of the website is the same. Design a website that showcases the companies products or services in a conveying way to generate leads. However, there are some aspects of a website that can really start to jack up the price.

First off, how is the website developed? Is a company hiring a team of developers from a company in Boston like ThoughtBot? This option is perfect for the start-up tech companies that need 2-4 developers to build a much more complicated and detailed online system, such as Quickly Forcast. This is where it gets expensive. But for a local Attorney or Sandwich shop in Massachusetts, it’s obvious that a team of developers won’t be the right fit for them.

Local companies want the personalized experience, which they get by working with Kate Creative Media.

How much for e-commerce?

If you are looking to bring your business online with an e-commerce store, the average price for that website will be higher than a normal 5-7 page website. The most popular hosting company for e-commerce stores is Shopify, however, the monthly hosting cost starts at $29. This is higher than most hosting but it does provide you with a basic themed website and an SSL Certificate for security. You are not locked into only using Shopify, you can use other hosting platforms if you are trying to stay away from the basic website themes.

If you are looking to hire a business to build an e-commerce website, the average price ranges from $900 to $3,500 for small to medium-sized companies and $4,000 to $15,000 for larger multi-faceted companies. Again, the price will depend on the nature and price points of the business.

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