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Business directories are an important tool for every business to get found online today.

A business directory is a website that lists your companies NAP -name, address and phone number. This is usually a free service that assists local companies especially by helping their profile on the website rank higher on search results.

Example of directories I use for my business in Canton: Facebook, Yelp, MapQuest,, Alignable

It can be overwhelming to try to register your business on website directories, but here are a few tips from my experience.

  • Stay consistent – It’s much better to have 2 or 3 business directories to have a full profile for your business vs. registering your local business on 10 websites and having inconsistent info or incomplete description. The more directories you’re on, the more time you have to put in to keep them up to date. Google wants to refer top search results for its audience, and if you have inconsistent info online (different business hours, services offered, holiday closings, offers) search engines will see this as a small red flag.
  • Providing A Link To Your Website – Most of these directories give you a set limit on your company description, so it’s important to add the basics (NAP) and a convincing description with a link to your website for more information. If you do not have a website or do not feel comfortable directing people to your website at this time, contact [email protected] for website guidance.
  • Upload Images / Videos – Video and images are 10x easier for visitors to consume than reading a long description. If you sell a product, show the different product styles and 2-3 features. Let the images speak for themselves. For video content, I’d recommend 30-60 seconds depending on the product or service. Short videos will challenge you to focus on the main benefits without diverting from the subject or boring a potential customer.

Here’s a list of great local business directories for almost every industry.

Google My Business (Domain Authority = 100)

Apple Maps (Domain Authority = 100)

Foresquare (Domain Authority = 92)

Yellow Pages (Domain Authority – 91)

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Instagram

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Written by: Kate Stallings