NewView.Media: Using Video to Boost Crowdsourced Funding
Have you heard of crowdsource funding on platforms like KickStarter? I sit down with owner Tom Dodge of NewView.Media to learn more. 

About our guest: 
NewView.Media provides video services to entrepreneurial causes in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Beginning with the critical preproduction phase, to executing shoots and through each editing iteration, we aim to guide our clients through every step of the video production process. 

We’ve written, filmed and edited videos to tell stories for company overview videos, client testimonial campaigns, event recaps, animations, instructional videos, gubernatorial video campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns that have raised over $4.5 million.

Honored to earn Best Business Video Marketing Agency – Greater Boston” from Corporate Vision Magazine’s Media Innovator Awards.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s podcast, my name is Kate Stallings, owner of Kate Creative Media LLC, which is a web design and online marketing company just outside of Boston and I have a great guest with me Tom. l’ll let him actually speak for himself it’s a pretty interesting topic!


Thank you oh it’s a pleasure to be here Kate thanks for inviting me on I think that media is a great way to engage educate encourage action so I think the type of content can only serve to help a lot of people out there in their own businesses so just introduce myself quickly, I’m Tom Dodge founder of NewView Media it’s a video production company. We’ve been running for the past six years that primarily helps companies tell their story through campaigns of video whether that’s across marketing content event content fundraising content.

We’ve had some success clients raising upwards of 5 million through our video campaigns which is great! Last year we produced over 400 videos across 85 projects, so really want to make sure our clients have a bunch of video content to help them grow so that’s our our quick pitch!

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