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  • Children’s Party Planning Goes Virtual – Now Offering Services Nationwide – Nicole Fenstad in Minneapolis (Video)
    Nicole, a professional Actress, is the Founder of Princess Party Pals. She grew up in Fargo, ND, received her B.A. in Theatre at Minnesota State University, Moorhead and moved to New York City to pursue her acting […]
  • Discovering The Cure For Tradeshow Results: Diane Wingerter (Video)
    As a result of witnessing ‘unhealthy’ Exhibitor Booths at Tradeshows, Conferences, Shows, Expos, Festivals and Fairs, Diane Wingerter, The Tradeshow Doctor™ was compelled to discover the cure for this bevy of Exhibitor Booth Symptoms. During 15-years of […]
  • Securing Your Business Systems with Amy Friel of VoDaVi Tech (Video)
    Amy Friel of VoDaVi Tech joins me on the video podcast this week to discuss securing your business and home office in 2020. VoDaVi Technologies, LLC was founded in 2009 by a team of dedicated engineers with […]
  • Event Planning with Rosemarie of 3E Productions LLC (Video)
    Event planning takes a virtual turn! My guest, Rosemarie Kelly Ndupuechi of 3E Productions in Minnesota talks about her event planning business. From working with organizations such as Bush Foundation, Cargill, General Mills, and the Saint Paul […]
  • Digital Billboard Advertising: Bethany Sullivan of Lamar Advertising (Podcast)
    WOW! Super interesting podcast with Bethany Sullivan of Lamar Advertising.  From tracking ROI on billboard campaigns and billboard options to COVID traffic reports, and what’s to come, we covered A LOT.  I’m most excited for you to hear about […]
  • NewView.Media: Using Video to Boost Crowdsourced Funding (Video)
    Have you heard of crowdsource funding on platforms like KickStarter? I sit down with owner Tom Dodge of NewView.Media to learn more.  About our guest: NewView.Media provides video services to entrepreneurial causes in the Greater Boston area and beyond. […]
  • Leveraging a Smart Promotional Strategy During a Pandemic (Video)
    My latest guest, Rachel Leone owner of Leone Marketing Solutions, joined me for an inside look at her favorite promotional products and even shared her story on how COVID changed her business and mostly importantly, how she’s been successfully […]
  • Where Should I Put My Business Info Online?
    Business directories are an important tool for every business to get found online today. A business directory is a website that lists your companies NAP -name, address and phone number. This is usually a free service that […]
  • Connecting Your Print and Digital Marketing (Video)
    How does Kate Creative Media, LLC take a strong web marketing strategy and bring it over to print during covid19? It’s simple, we work with local companies like the owner of Roar Direct Marketing, George Lyons! Here’s a video of […]
  • 6 Reasons Why You Have A Low Conversion Rate
    Let me start by saying that if a company has a website, they already have a better chance of connecting with the right audience online than those without a website. There are still about 30%-40% of U.S […]
  • 3 Quick Tips When Building A Website For Mobile Devices
    1. It must be responsive Website design is never a one and done process, it’s ever-changing with the your customers needs and your industries market. The layout for each screen, whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop should […]
  • What Is A Domain? How Do I Buy One?
    The Basics Simply put, a domain is the IP address you type into the search bar on Google (, Once a domain is purchased, you will need to purchase web hosting for that domain to go live. […]
  • How To Secure Your Website
    Just how you secure your car or house with alarms and locks, the same needs to be done on your website. Securing your site not only lets you rest easy at the end of the day, but […]
  • Have You Heard This Web Design Myth?
    Welcome to WEB TALKS! This article will cover one of the top myths about web design. Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] Let’s get started! There is so much talk about how easy it is […]
  • Give Your Website That “WOW” Effect With Custom Photography
    Nowadays, almost every website uses Stock Photos. Companies can purchase photography packages to get their website off the ground running fast, however often times these options can get expensive. There’s a very thin line when using stock photos. First […]
  • The Importance of a Unique Website in 2020 (& COVID19)
    It’s not surprising during COVID19, 53% of Americans found the internet to be essential.   What could this mean? Opportunity. Now local businesses have the ability to connect with their customers on a digital realm that hadn’t […]
  • Law Practice Updates Website, Adapting to COVID19 (Video)
    Kate Creative Media recently helped local Elder Care Attorney Christine Tennyson update her website to let her potential new clients know she was still open for business. After reviewing her site, I was curious to learn more […]
  • 5 Common Mistakes Local Businesses Make on DIY Websites
    “Do It Yourself” Websites Every business needs a website, but how each business should start the website design process can be different. Depending on the learning curve, some business owners prefer to set up and design their […]
  • How to Use PR For Your Business With Jim Farrell (Video)
    If you’re not using PR or Press Releases to help promote your business in 2020, listen to the president of PR First, Jim Farrell. About PR First We are a public relations/marketing firm helping businesses to gain […]
  • Bridging Print and Online Creative Styles (Video)
    Sometimes we just have to laugh!! All jokes aside, thank you Kristen Mann for joining me for a video interview to speak on your professional experience in the design industry and how you work with businesses to bring their […]
  • Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2019 As Compared To Amazon’s Jeff Bezos
    Kate Stallings, CEO, Kate Creative Media LLC Kate earned a spot on this list for her ability to effectively transform businesses by designing custom websites paired with a detailed marketing plan to ensure success. Kate Creative Media […]